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Political Social Network | Democrat vs Republican

Political Social Networking Democrats vs RepublicansPolitically Social is a political Social Networking website where Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, independents and yes even communists can discuss views and debate in a virtual social network setting. Just because those congressmen in Washington can't be civil and bi-partisn that doesn't mean we can't. We all have two things.... one is an opinion. I was never of the opinion that it was a good social rule not to talk politics in a social setting or at party or in a bar. If you can't vent your frustrations about the way this country is going you might go crazy. We welcome you to join for free and voice your opinion on political issues that confront us today. This social network helps voters to meet and organize. PoliticallySocial.com's members can create their own groups, chat in our live chat rooms, post polls, post blogs, write articles and debate in discussions anything politicle. We provide information on legislation that is currently being voted on in Washington and specific voting history and the campaign platform and agenda of all the parties (not just the two). We also have the financial information for elected political officials.

We hope you become part of our political community. It is free to join and we promise it will be fun. These days it seems like everyone is afraid to talk politics with friends and family because everyone seems to take it personally. So we made this political social networking site so we can all discuss today's political events . We also encourage any local, state or national political campaign to sign up for a political page it is free also.
We also have a Vintage political memorabilia store if you would like to shop for some vintage or new cool political campaign pins & buttons, bumper stickers, pins, posters, flags and other political collectables.

Political Social Network Democrats vs Republicans